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Brain Goldthorpe - Konica Minolta Europe

Brian Goldthorpe
General Manager - UK & Ireland
Konica Minolta Medical & Graphic Imaging Europe BV

The medical imaging sector is populated in the main by large multinational companies and whilst in their other business areas they may produce eye-catching advertisements for their consumer products, such creativity tends not to extend into medical imaging.

MRI, CT and ultrasound scanners together with digital x-ray machines are a crucial part of our healthcare system but they are not products which stimulate nor do they excite. As a result, the advertising tends to be soporific at best and without a scintilla of creativity – often simply displaying an image of the machine in question and line after meaningless line of features. Who needs benefits when you have all those features to talk about?

As one of the newer, less well-known suppliers in this particular area we at Konica Minolta wanted to make an impact and at least try to communicate a message that made people feel that there was a different way of doing things and that we did not have to accept the status quo. I had previous experience of Iain Hawk’s work and so turned to him in the hope that he could provide us with the ‘something different’ that I was looking for.

Iain and his team at 60w did not disappoint and have produced a number of adverts for us for use in the medical media both in the UK and continental Europe. These have certainly been different, eyecatching and attention grabbing to say the least and have been very well received by customers and indeed medical media proprietors. The 60w team have been vital in enabling us to highlight the benefits of Konica Minolta products, to medical consultants, their technical colleagues and also those involved in the procurement process both for the NHS and independent healthcare providers.